Seminars and education events in the packaging and plastic business stopped during Covid-19 period.  Instead of these events, different webinars and “team meetings” were held during these exceptional times.

Themes in plastic and packaging development area have been circular economy and carbon neutrality. The essential regulation of EU’s plastic strategy concerns plastic packaging.No later than by the end of the year 2030 all the plastic packaging used in European market shall be either reusable or easily recyclable in a cost effective way.

During the spring EhoPlace took place in different development webinars. Let us mention few of them:
-Strategical Research Unit of the  Academy of Finland has funded the large research program called “Package –Heroes”.  Participants of this research project are VTT, LUT-University, LUKE and Åbo  Academi.
-Borealis has started a big project called SPIRIT-program (Sustainable Plastic Industry Transformation). The SPIRIT’s kick-off seminar was held on 7.6.2022  Business Finland is partly funding the project and it is nominated  as their “Veturi –project”

“Plastic and Environment- lectures” presented by EhoPlace
has been supplemented and updated. The title of the lesson has been modified,too:  “Paper-, board-, cellulose or plastic packaging? Is there aclear answers or is the conclusion circular economy?”

The war in Ukraine transformed into a energy war. Also here in Finland we have had discussions whether we should take the peat- energy  in place again. Based on the price and the meaning of energy EhoPlace’s Erkki Laiho wrote columns to Muovi Plast-  and  Pakkaus- magazines.  The main concern was  that why don´t we calculated also plastic incineration (energy recovery)  as a recycling of plastic?  If also oil fraction from chemical recycling is accepted as a recycling, the EU-taxation of plastic waste can be eliminated?   Today we pay 0.80 euros per ton of non-recycled plastic packaging waste.



All Finnish participants in the construction industry (including material trade, some plastic recycling companies and Finnish Plastics Industries Federation) have signed so called "Green-Deal Agreement” in the end of the year 2020. The main purpose of the deal is to develop operational recycling system for plastics used in the construction sector. In the beginning the focus in on plastic films, their usages in the construction industry and recycle possibilities.

If demanding targets can be implemented Motiva Oy will organize an on-line education form for whole branch of this business. EhoPlace Oy was asked for consulting and we are pleased to be a part of the on-line education process. EhoPlace Oy made a large education packet, including basic commodity plastic know-how but focusing plastics film materials, their properties, usage and recycling possibilities in the construction area. Ten (10) construction material sectors, where plastics films are used today were handled separately. Motiva Oy will select the suitable material into their online education modules which will be available already in the end of this year 2021. 

We are pleased to be a part of the better future!



Referring to the existing corona situation,  EhoPlace Oy´s training and lecture events are temporarily cancelled.  Otherwise we operate normally and we are happy to help you with your issues. 



There were  two important events in May 2019 where EhoPlace and Erkki Laiho attended:

  1.  The Finnish Plastic Association , Extrusion Days , Riihimäki, Finland, May 14.-15. 2019.

  2. TAPPI, 17 th European PLACE Conference, May 20-22, 2019, Porto, Portugal                                        




This year the Finnish Plastic Association organized the annual” MuoviSki” event in Germany, in Garmisch Partenkircher;  February 7-10,  2019. It was a pleasure to attend to this great event. While on our way there, we visited in Kraus Maffei’s  plant and their Technology Center near by Münich. 

Between the seminar lessons it was possible to ski and walk around the beautiful alp landscape. EhoPlace’s Erkki Laiho had a presentation with the title: "The history, present state and the future of Multilayer Constructions – Multilayer Plastic Packaging in the Circular Economy"





 The most discussed item lately in Finland as well as in the whole world has been plastic litter, plastic usage, recycling and especially the reduction of single use plastics in packaging. There has been some misunderstanding and wrong information in the media and unfortunately too often the plastic industry and the experts have not been heard.

EhoPlace , for one’s part, has attended in discussions and conferences, where these items have been handled in a realistic way without “plastic phobia”- feelings. We have attended for instance the following events:

-In March, Amsterdam; “ACI’s 3rd European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Conference”

-In June, Finnish Packaging Association, Helsinki : “Plastic packaging- did the good become the harm” (Finnish)

-In October, Oslo; Norner AS: ” The FuturePack Conference”

In every event the speakers have introduced the meaning of EU- plastic strategy to the local societies and players.  But it is also important that we have the responsibility to educate and globally help all countries who have lack of waste management.

Right now all over the world there are many development projects trying to find best solutions how we can get rid of plastic litters and increase packaging recycling.  In Finland there is a certain working group that gave name for these tasks: “Plastic way map” (Muovitiekartta). The situation is changing and good results can already be seen.  Erkki Laiho’s EMPACK-presentation: “Packaging plastics in good and in bad - In the other words: Consumers in the circular economy” has now expanded for 160 slides. This presentation has been received with high interest among Finnish companies.  



EhoPlace’s Erkki Laiho had the presentation in EMPACK2017 exhibition in Helsinki 11.10.2017. The title of this presentation was: 

“Plastics in packaging are in many cases necessary and fulfil sustainability demands”

Population in Asia countries is large but unfortunately their waste management is undeveloped. Lot of waste and chemicals are going to oceans. Plastics are light and create visible “ocean plastic floating” and are dangerous for plankton. Here in Finland this phenomenon is seen among consumers as a “plastic phobia”. This has caused the reducing of plastic packaging without any justifiable reasons. In the presentation it was noticed also that our real problem is food waste. Speaker showed how this waste can be reduced dramatically if right types of oxygen barrier plastic and suitable combinations; for instance paper/board plus plastic are used in food packaging.

It was presented also that we should definitely concentrate on consumer’s education and information. It seems like so called “plastic hate” is utilized in marketing for instance by confusing people with terminology (bio- eco-, carbon footprint, recycling etc.)

The presentation has got a good feedback and EhoPlace uses this presentation in education events with the title:  “Packaging Plastics in Good and in Bad - What every consumer’s should know about plastics”





Easyfairs Finland organizes an international packaging exhibition, EMPACK2017, in Helsinki Exhibition Centre 11-12 October 2017. There will be two platforms where speakers are presenting the latest developments and the future visions of packaging. It is already a tradition that EhoPlace Oy gathers well known experts to the Empack Arena stage.

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Instead of traditional Plasti&Rubber-exhibition in Lahti there will be a trade fair with the name of Muovi&Pakkaus (Plastic&Packaging) 20.-21.4 2017. This change is very welcome due to the fact that almost 40% of all plastics in Europe are used for packaging.

Bio- and circular economy as well as other environmental items related to plastics will be presented in the exhibition and also in separately organized seminars.

EhoPlace’s Erkki Laiho will give a presentation on Friday 21.4. at 12:00.  

The title of the presentation is: “Plastic packaging - consumers’ harm or necessary alternative”.

Warmly welcome!

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TEKES has introduced a new fund system for Finnish small and middle size enterprises. Companies can use this so called “Innovation voucher” ( Innovaatioseteli ) when developing their products, services and processes. The voucher is for purchasing new knowledge and skills for the business. The value of the innovation voucher is 5 000 euros and can be used for innovation and development projects.

EhoPlace Oy has been registered as a service provider in this TEKES system. Our clients are able to apply this innovation voucher from Tekes.

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The World’s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastic and Rubber K-2016 will be organized again in Düsseldorf between 19 th – 26 th October, 2106. EhoPlace’s Erkki Laiho will attend to the event and he is located at the LUCOBIT AG’s stand hall 5/stand E20 on Wednesday 19.10. afternoon and forenoon on Thursday 20 th and Friday 21 st Welcome to visit!

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We are on a vacation until 2.8.2016. You can reach us by phone, 040-517 7525.




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The Helsinki Trade Fair Centre (Messukeskus) is organizing a traditional four professional areas fair in Helsinki 20.-22.9.2016.

PacTec & PlasTec & FoodTec & SignTec

During the event there will be professional presentations in the fair stage. EhoPlace Oy is partly planning and organizing the professional speakers to the stage.

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